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  1. Andy says:

    Hey J0rdon. I am editing an article for – the Jewish newspaper in SF – about your upcoming appearance at Kung Pao. I see on your bio that you claim to have appeared on the first season of “Last Comic Standing” — but I cannot verify that anywhere online (I do find results from episodes 4-11, but no mention of you). Were you a contestant eliminated in the first 3 weeks? Or did you appear because they showed a clip of your audition? Or in some other manner? I see that a Susie Ferber was trying out for that first season; was your “appearance” somehow connected to her? PLEASE enlighten me, and fast. Deadline is here. Thanks. Andy Altman-Ohr (freelance copy editor, and former managing editor of p.s. good luck at Kung Pao. break a dick.

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