1st Post!

This is my blog.
However this is not my first blog. This is just the first blog entry. The beginning of THIS blog.
Elllo. . . .
Loooo . .
That’s the echo I imagine that comes out on someone’s first blog.
I think most blog’s are essentially just a long form status-update, except there are fewer people reading it.
Anyway. This blog will hopefully be more prolific than my first blog.
And lets hope that more people read this blog than the last one. To be quite honest, I’m not even sure that I even gave them a once over myself before posting them.
I’m at least using spell check this time around, so editorially I’m already more thorough.
Ok, well that’s it for the first one.
Pretty sure we will all agree I knocked this one outa the park.
Now against my better judgement, I am going to make another pot of coffee.

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