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Writing about writing about writing about . . . .

  I hate writing about writing. Sometimes though, it is one of the only things that comes easily as something to write about. Somewhat masturbatory in its nature, but it does get the juices flowing, if you’ll allow me a … Continue reading

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New This Week!

Oh Boy! Well, I know that I’m not the best about updating this blog, but there’s big and exciting news this week that is just too big to NOT post on here! My show at Zinc Bar is the featured … Continue reading

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Getting a Good Tape – The White Whale of Comedy.

All Moby Dick jokes aside (although in all fairness, there probably will be regular dick jokes) I have often found it rather difficult to get a good tape to send out to agents/managers/my grammy that is a proper representation of … Continue reading

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Is this really only my 2nd posting?!

Sheesh! Who knew blogging would be such a chore! There are a number of people who I know within the comedy community who are very active bloggers. So active in fact that I’m not sure where they get the time … Continue reading

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1st Post!

1st! Hello! This is my blog. However this is not my first blog. This is just the first blog entry. The beginning of THIS blog. Hello! Elllo. . . . Loooo . . That’s the echo I imagine that comes … Continue reading

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